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Dear visitors, we are glad to present to your attention the official web site of LLP "Auto gas trade" - Gas Energy. On the website you can find information about services and company news, as well as use calculators to calculate your savings in using our services.
Expansion plans for 2016
Administration of LLP “Auto gas trade" reviewed plans of the company for 2016. In particular, the program of the development of the companies of LLP "Auto gas trade" in 2016 includes the opening of 200 new filling stations, that is exceeds the expected level. In the framework of long-term strategy of the development of LLP “Auto gas trade” of the period of 2016-2017 will be passed the peak of the expansion of the gas network.
Personnel policy
Professional staff is the foundation of our company. Today in the enterprises of LLP "Auto gas trade" created 820 workplaces. Our staffs are our heritage that we are trying to retain, motivate and develop.

General Director of LLP "Autogas Trade"

DzhamalbekovTopzhar Yesbolovich

The first advantage of liquefied gas is the price. The current price of gas in Almaty is 46 tenge per liter at the price of 130 tenge for gasoline type 92. And the price varies from region to region.
There are different safety valves of 200% guarantee that this is a very reliable safe system and equipment.
Transfer from one fuel to another is done from inside the car. Car needs to be warming based on the gasoline, but once it warmed up, it is possible to transfer the gas. It is possible to drive on gas.
Also it is worth to mention an important factor as the environment. In comparison with gasoline the gas doesn`t have any harmful emissions. Propane-butane mixture does not throw poisonous waste. In Everyone`s kitchen is burning gas - blue flame natural gas without emissions.