Independent gasification
of private homes, villas, cottages
and industrial facilities
Independence from networks
Best price
Safety and environmental
The advantages o аf independent gasification
  • No variation of pressure in the individual gasification facility, which is not possible when connected to mains gas
  • Equipment and system gas supply are the property of the customer
  • Cost-effectiveness. The cost of produced energy is about a third in comparison with using diesel fuel
  • Environmental. Liquefied gas contains less sulfur compounds
  • Safety. At work our top priority is the safety of gas supply facilities

Installation of gas tanks


The effectiveness and safety of independent gasification system largely depends on the quality of installation.

"Gas Energy" installs the gas tanks under the key, ensuring high quality of provided services.

Gas delivery


To ensure the full functioning of Independent gas supply system it is necessary regularly to refuel the gas tank. "Gas Energy" guarantees prompt delivery and high quality fuel.

Gas tanks and equipment
for liquefied gas

One of the most important elements of the independent gas supply system is the gas tank.
"Gas Energy" offers to purchase a similar capacity for liquefied gas at affordable prices.

Gasification Calculator
1. Select the area
1000 м2
1200 м2
800 м2
600 м2
400 м2
250 м2
150 м2
0 м2
House size up to: 150 м2 Gas tank with the capacity of 2700 liters will suit for house size Boiler Power up to: 25 kW
2. Professional assistance

Our experts will help to choose the right type of tank and the manufacturer

High tube
High neckline
3. Select the rate
– Installation
– Delivery
– Capacity, stove, reducer
from 840 000 TNG
Tariff "Start" +
– Earthworks
– Pumping gas
from 1 120 000 TNG
Tariff "Standard" +
– Gas boiler
– Coaxial chimney
– Installation and commissioning and start-up
from 1 400 000 TNG
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