Compressed natural gas equipment installation
Progressive approach to fuel economy

The benefits of CNGE

  • Saving money due to the difference in the price of gas and gasoline. The average price of a liter of gas is 79 tenge, AI-92 - tenge
  • The ability to travel immediately on both gas and petrol
  • High octane reduces the risk of detonation and reduces the load on piston and connecting rod group car
  • Gas is a cleaner fuel and in combustion better mixed with air, providing a smoother, quieter engine operation.
  • Does not leave deposits on pistons and spark plugs, extending the life of oil changes and spark plugs, does not wash off protective oil film in the engine
  • Almost impossible to drain the gas from gas tank
  • Environmental type of fuel

Our clients' reviews

Talgat Ospanov

Gasoline prices are constantly jumping. I have thought hard about the feasibility of gas equipment installation, and applied to the company for an advice. The managers very skilfully told me about all the advantages and dispelled all my fears, as the modern systems are very safe in operation. I have finally installed the gas equipment of Landi Renzo Company, and have already evaluated the benefits of driving the gas car. The expenses decreased.

Vassiliy Renz

I installed gas equipment in GasEnergy, the work was completed neatly, nothing protruding nowhere. The car runs smoothly, didn't notice any difference in operating with petrol... the price and quality gladden me.

Renat Omarov

I was very wary of the re-equipment of my car to gas. I came to the guys in service. They told me everything about the equipment, showed the sets, and even offered a test drive on a car with autogas system installed. Now my car is on gas. Very happy, I recommend it.

Kairat Moumynov

In 2015 I installed the gas equipment of Landi Renzo company on my Kia Rio. I installed it just to cut down expenses, as I travel a lot, and petrol is getting terribly expensive, which is absolutely uncomfortable for me. I thought a lot of which kind of equipment is better. There were two options: Polish EuropeGas and Italian Landi Renzo. I read comments in Internet, asked advice from mechanic Denis and finally settled on Italian and lost nothing. I drive for six months with no problems, only change filter. Driving force didn’t change, rather on the contrary became faster. In general, I recommend it! Thank you very much Denis for quality installation!

Aset Rakishev

I installed gas on my Mitsubishi Pajero in your company. This is my second car on gas. The first one had Belarusian gas equipment of the 3rd generation. I can feel the difference! No smell of gas in the passenger compartment, the engine works quieter, and the tank located instead of the spare wheel – very convenient! A discount card was presented to me!

Sayran Khusainov

In March 2016 I got gas equipment Landi Renzo installed by you! I want to say that I spend on gas half as much compared to petrol. Oil drained after 12 000 km cleaner than gasoline through 8000 km!!! No exhaust, environmental friendliness. Special thanks to the experts (Denis, Boris) for the installation of equipment, real professionals. Thank you guys for your work! I am pleased and happy with everything. Be healthy!!!
How does CNGE work?
External filling equipment
The external recharging device can be embedded in the door, where there is an opening for filling gasoline, can be in the bumper and can be left in the trunk. It is equipped with a safety filling valve. Filling ends automatically when the tank is filled to 80%. Blocking role is played by the special float which through turning into the highest possible position closes the multi-valve.
Multi-valve - this is the first security system of autogas system. Depending on the type of protection system multi-valves are divided into classes A and B. The first has an additional valve which resets when the pressure reaches 25 atmospheres.
Gas tank
Gas is injected into the cylinder under pressure through the nozzle, which is attached to the external filling device. Variants of installation of the tank: in the trunk instead of the spare wheel underneath.
The pressure regulator (reducer-evaporator)
From the high pressure cylinder gas through the tubes enters reducer-evaporator, where the pressure is reduced to 1 atmosphere.
Integrated filter with sensors
In the gas filter, liquefied petroleum gas is cleaned of particulate matter, and then fed into the engine combustion chamber through the gas injectors.
Rail of gas injectors
Each engine cylinder is fed gas through a single nozzle. Thus, the four-cylinder engine is mounted upon with four gas injector nozzles. The performance of gas injectors changes by rolling in screw inserts in outlet nozzles with different orifice ensuring correct operation of the system, both on the runabout and the volumetric engines.
Electronic control unit
The entire system is controlled by an electronic control unit that reads the signal of the opening time of petrol injectors from the control unit of the gasoline system and determines the optimum opening time of gas injector nozzles. Control unit of autogas system allows you to switch the signal from petrol to gas injectors, blocking the flow of gasoline. In the passenger compartment a touch-sensitive button is installed to switch modes "gas" and "petrol". At any time, on the go and at idle you can switch from petrol to gas and vice-versa.
The sensor of pressure and gas rarefaction
The sensor measures the difference between the rarefaction in the intake manifold and the gas pressure in the rail injectors, which allows to determine under what load the engine is. Another common name for this sensor - MAP sensor.
Savings and payback calculator of CNGE
Payback of CNGE
189 days
The annual savings
88912 tenge
return of investments

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