4 steps fuel quality control
The issue of quality is one of the most important for Gas Energy


  • Oil products of Atyrau, Pavlodar, Shymkent refineries
  • Plants are some of the best and most modern manufacturers of petrol, diesel fuel and gas in Kazakhstan
  • Each type of oil, produced by the plants must pass Certification or Declaration
  • Fuel quality meets the standards of the European level

Quality passport

quality assurance, without which the fuel will not get any AGRS

We conduct multistage quality control at all stages of production and delivery of fuel.

Quality passport on the plant issued to the petroleum products, and then the fuel is subjected to periodic control at all stages to transportation at AGRS.

Delivery to AGRS


Delivery of petroleum products at filling stations is carefully planned and controlled by the Logistics Department. The enforcement of the shipment is carried out by own dispatching services.

Our system control allows to be sure for the time path of petroleum products from the refinery to the gas stations that fuel quality will remain in perfect condition.

Service at AGRS

During the receiving of fuel at the petrol station staff of AGRS produce product analysis and control: the absence of mechanical impurities and water, color matching, transparency.

In case of discrepancy between any of these standards, receiving fuel at the station is not produced! If the quality meets the standards, from each tanker for each class of petroleum product operator within the driver select the "referee sample" of the fuel. These samples are stored at the station and used in case of customer's claims to quality of fuel. Monthly at each station carried out planned control and quality analysis of petroleum products and mandatory unscheduled analysis of the quality of fuel at receipt of the complaint from the client.

Service to our customers is made on the equipment of leading German company FAS FiussiggasAnlagen GmbH. In Astana, we sell liquefied petroleum gas of the company CNPC.

Quality management

The quality management system and environmental management.

The company carried out the audit on conformity assessment of quality management systems and environmental management Standards of ST RK ISO 9001-2009 (ISO9001:2008) and ST RK ISO 14001-2006 (ISO 14001:2004). Project management in the Company is an approved sequence of business processes, where the actions of the performers are clearly regulated by the internal Regulations of the Company.


Director of LLP "Transport PRT" Aktualov M. A.

Transport company LLP "Transport PRT" expresses gratitude to the company LLP "Auto gas trade" for mutual cooperation. Quality and fast service, uninterrupted supply of high-quality products, flexible system of discounts prices for the installation of CNGE, all of that greatly help in the development of our business in the Almaty region. We hope for the further fruitful cooperation! We wish you Success and prosperity!

Director of LLP "Taxomotor 095" Terebikhin B. A.

LLP "Taxomotor 095" expresses our sincere gratitude and deep appreciation for the fruitful cooperation. During the mutual cooperation, as on the part of LLP "Auto gas trade" was always correct attitude and provided fast and good work. Convenient location of AGRS throughout Kazakhstan. We express our confidence in continued fruitful cooperation with the LLP "Auto gas trade" in the future.

Director of LLP “Kyzyl auto" Zhmykova D. R.

Our company expresses gratitude to LLP "Auto gas trade", which has established itself as a reliable partner, working responsibly, in accordance with contractual obligations. The use of fuel cards, "Gas Energy" our company allowed saving the funds for the operation of the fleet. Individual approach and prompt resolution of emerging issues for the provided services, high qualification of the personnel of Your organization should also be noted. We hope for further fruitful cooperation.

Director of LLP “Tract oil" Sorenovcev A. A

LLP "Auto gas trade" throughout the period of cooperation with "Tract oil" has established itself as a reliable and responsible supplier of petroleum products. Only high quality fuel supply ensures the smooth operation of transport is a major component of our work. It should also be noted individual approach and prompt resolution of emerging issues for provided services.

Topzhar Dzhamalbekov, General Director of LLP "Gas trade"

All the leadership of LLP "Auto gas trade" goes on vehicles of natural gas.